Friday, July 21, 2006

Comic Con is Underway

And Jack really wishes he was in San Diego right now. Fortunately for those of us not so fortunate to go Newsarama has reports on the panels. I just took a look at the Civil War Panel report. Mark Millar just cracks me up.
"Getting back on topic (sort of), asked how much of Civil War comes from the current news, Millar said that he doesn't watch television, and can barely read and write. "Please continue buying Civil War, at the expense of all the low-selling books, especially Brian Vaughan's books," Millar concluded."

The Brian Vaughan book is "The Escapist." Which is really good and priced at $1. Jack just got the book " The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon. This one must be really good because he's taking his time. He's savoring.... The comic seems to be inspired by/based on the book. I'm sure it'll be interesting when Jack finally lets me read it. The comic was really interesting. I find I'm looking forward to see where this one is going.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Batwoman is Back!

52 Week #11 heralds the return of Batwoman. Interesting twist. One of my favorite books when I was a kid was a Batman book that centered around Batgirl, Robin, and an apparently sick Batwoman. It seemed that she just kept fizzling out so that nothing was left but her costume. We didn't have much money then and Mom just didn't understand. I couldn't get the book after to find out what happened. I think Batwoman is a cool idea. She brings a small, ok miniscule, amount of mystery to the Batman ethos. There used to be some sort of mystery surrounding Batman in all of his titles not just Detective Comics. I need to start reading that again.

52 is getting better. This week there was only 2 storylines. The books are just not so good when they try to get in every story line into one book. It's far too fragmented and leaves me wanting for more story.

Now that I have my DC books finished it's time to get to the Civil War titles. Jack is slowly getting me to turn. Not really. :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Green Lantern

Cyborg Superman is back. Bwahahahahah.

With the move coming up it's taking me longer to get through my comics for the week. Last night I finally got to read my Green Lantern. Bringing Hal Jordan back is what got me back to reading this title. I have yet to be disappointed by both the writing and the art. Geoff Johns keeps me wanting more and more. I love how he just goes out and does what's right not what he's been told to do. And Guy is more that willing to go along. But oh boy is that going to get him in trouble. Brian M. Bendis has mastered the fine art of the comic book cliffhanger. John's is really close on this one. The last image I see is Guy ensconsed in a Manhunter... powering it. Damn.....
What happens next? Aaarrrghhh! Another month!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Some comics shouldn't be on tv

My man is out of town and I'm at home watching a recording of "Blade: The Series." Wow, is it bad. It reminds me of a harder edge version of "Crow: The Series." Which sucked only slightly worse than this. The first half of the show it seemed like he was trying to do a bad Wesley Snipes impression. Ooooh all dark .... and moody with a gravelly voice. Oh, and we can't forget ...
gotta save the girl. It's more like a bad action movie and that's unfortunate. I really like the movie and the comic is not too bad. This needs more comic book, less movie, in the formula to make it work.

Maybe I'll go read a book.