Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Time

Today I got the Halloween issue of the party city catalog. I looked in there contemplating dressing up this year when I take Em out. Still on the fence about that one. Or maybe Em just needs another dress up costume. We have the standard...
How cute is that? This made mommy very happy. We also have...

I'm surprised the pic turned out for all the webs that were being shot at me.

I perused passed the pages for boys seeing all the standard super hero costumes: Batman, Robin, Spiderman, Captain America. But then I see this...

Interesting... I suppose this is one way to get the girls into the super heroes. Let's just create a character that doesn't exist... At least I think so... I thought the super soldier serum made Steve's little soldiers not such good swimmers. I must do some research. At the same time I need to look into why the costume company needs to invent super heroes for little girls when there are so many good ones out there. Even Target sells the Big Barda action figure. Where's her costume???

Friday, July 02, 2010

Wonder Woman's New Look

In all of the hubbub of the new style (not to forget the new back story), I had the feeling that I'd seen this before. And I had seen something like this before. Lets set the wayback machine to the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993. For your consideration...

Wonder Woman had been captured and enslaved and imprisoned on a space ship. She brought all the prisoners together and they took over the ship and became pirates themselves with Wonder Woman as the Captain/Pirate Queen. Look familiar? They are from Wonder Woman #69, December 1992. Pencils are by Paris Cullins. Inks are by Robert Campanella and Color by Matt Hollingsworth.

Ok, I have one more.

This is a little more "piratey" to me. It's from Wonder Woman #71 February 1993. The pencils are done by Paris Cullins. The inks are done by Romeo Tanghal and the color is done by Matt Hollingsworth.

No, I don't care for the new look. I like it that she can be feminine and strong and smart and can kick ass. This new look is not so feminine. As I read the actual story by Straczynski after the lovely tributes to Wonder Woman, I realized that it's about an alternate time line. She walks through a portal and things are different. I'll wait and see where this goes just as long as they don't forget that she still a Greek Amazon warrior.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Serious Catch Up

This morning involved coffee, laying in bed and reading comics. My dear daughter decided to sleep in a bit and I had the uninterrupted opportunity to read some of my growing pile of comics. I don't know how they are still growing as I didn't really get anything this week. I actually had to go to the store to find something to read. So, here's a few quick reviews on the books I read this morning.

First Wave #1-- Cool! a real mystery! This is a re- read and I like it even better this time.

Farscape-- adventures abound- glad to know the rest of the story

Farscape: Dargo's Quest-- Was sad at the end of the series when my fave character died. I like the back story

Fables (Sure are a whole bunch of "F" titles..) Love me some frog prince

Detective Comics #862-- Schizophrenic. Looking forward to Batman coming back and Batwoman ongoing.

Titans: End of an Era-- Old Teen Titans don't know what to do with themselves as there are new Teen Titans to take their place. Isn't it time they became The Justice League? Torch passing to comence?

Justice League of America#41-- Huh??? Who's left?? And why is Green Arrow running amok? I'm so confused.

Teen Titans #81-- Superboy is alive?? I know I stopped reading this title for awhile as it was boring me to tears. When did this happen? Damn.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

First Wave

I finally got to read all of "First Wave" and I'm not disappointed. I've always been a fan of a good detective story (Nancy Drew Fanchick here). This first issue has the makings of a couple of good detective/mystery stories. I look forward to see how they all come together.

Friday, March 26, 2010


It seems like forever since I posted about a comic. And it might have been. I've been going through this phase where I don't really want to read anything with pictures. Ok, I read Wonder Woman. And I read Anita Blake. I have one hell of a pile stacking up next to my bedside table which includes a fave story teller (Fables) and a fave artist, Skottie Young ( Wizard of OZ). Ok that applies to fave story as well but ... I don't know. I'm just into text these days. I'm reading two books. Actually, there is three that I am currently reading. And it just so happens that They encompass my reading preferences for the last 30 some years.

#1 ( In no particular order)
A Bear Called Paddington

He's a sweet little bear that reminds me of the innocence of my youth.

#2 (No, really, there is no particular order. Ok maybe it's chronological)
Mara, Daughter of the Nile

Ok, so this one hit me as I was hitting puberty. It's about a scrappy guttersnipe who gets the prince after nearly being whipped to death. It's a good young reader type of book.

#3 ( All right, all right... It's chronological. And, yes, I read 3 books at once.)

For A Few Demons More By Kim Harrison

It's an alternate history where witches, werewolves and vampires came out of the collected broom/blood/furry closet. That is after a virus mutates inside a genetically modified tomato kills a good chunk of the "human" population.

Lots of good mildly innocent fun. Ok, 2 out of 3 has innocent fun.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally Have Some Books to Read

I had three last week and the stand out was Green Arrow/ Black Canary. It's an odd book but it need to be made. The chemistry between the two has been hinted at for years, decades really. Now we really get it full force. And man is it entertaining. Admittedly, laughing one minute, crying the next (poor Red Arrow) makes for a roller coaster ride. I like that it's never dull and well the family that kicks ass together, stays together.

So, far this week I've read Superman/Batman. There's a weird hit man out for Clark that looks a lot like Iron Man. It was very confusing. I still have a Fables and a Farscape yet to read. I have high hopes for Fables. :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thor the Movie

Anthony Hopkins is the All-Father!!!! And he's directed by Kenneth Branagh!!!

Ok, I should care who Thor is. Chris Hemsworth who also played George Kirk ( William T. Kirk's dad) in Star Trek is worthy of a geek-girlgasm. But will this turn out like Batman?? Will Sir Anthony's performance outshine Chris'? Will Chris be able to handle the presence that is Thor?

Ok the theatre geek in me is coming out abit. I am very excited to see Thor in live action. That weird moment in "The Incredible Hulk" tv show doesn't count.

On a side note there is one actual Norseman in the movie. Stellan Skarsgard play professor Andrew Ford ( who is apparently not Norse).

Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Comics?!?!

For the first time since I met my husband and started reading again, I have no comics this week!!! I almost don't know what to do. Except that I'm really behind. About 3 weeks worth of comics are awaiting me. I got sucked into The Twilight Saga and haven't been able to read anything but that. I do like my vampire fiction. But now I have finished and all is well I can get back into the comics. Hopefully, I'll have better luck next week.