Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm a bad blogger

I'm finally getting settled into the new digs. I spend less and less time getting crap organized. My husband is going crazy decorating his son's digs here a' la Spiderman. We even took him shopping and gave him the option of Spiderman, Superman or Batman sheets... He went with Spiderman. Even when given a Fantastic Four option for a something or other ( I forget what it was exactly), he picks Spiderman. Ugh... Someday I'll get him to have an open mind.

In response to this inundation of Spiderman I have decided to make a Batman/Superman quilt. Probably crib size. At a later date I may make a Spiderman one. I made a twin size for my step-son and it kicked butt. When we have a kid. Mommy will have a quilt to wrap baby up in and Daddy will have one. I'm afraid though that if we have a boy I will be in a house of Marvel Men. I almost want a girl so that I can make a Wonder Woman costume for her.

Comic book day tomorrow. My DH is going out of town for the night after work. More comics for meeeee........

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moving sucks

But I have my new comic store. I have my list in and hopefully I'll be able to get more than one book. I'll have more when I get some sleep.