Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finally able to breathe a bit

And spend some time reading my comics. Sad to say I am perpetually behing on my comic reading. I really only get about 5 minutes before I go to sleep to read anymore. Amazons are taking over the country and I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm making a concerted effort to spend 10 minutes a month reading Wonder Woman to Emma. I have to somehow counteract the Spiderman influence. See pic...It was daddy's day with Emma. He picked out the clothes after I went to work. It's bad enough she's sharing the Spiderman room with her brother. I would like my daughter to have a positive female roll model. I just wish Marvel had better female heroes that gets decent play. There aren't many Kitty Pryde action figures out there. She's the only one out there that hasn't been a bad guy at some point... As far as I can tell.... I need to start on the Batman Quilt and sketch out the Wonder Woman quilt.