Friday, July 02, 2010

Wonder Woman's New Look

In all of the hubbub of the new style (not to forget the new back story), I had the feeling that I'd seen this before. And I had seen something like this before. Lets set the wayback machine to the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993. For your consideration...

Wonder Woman had been captured and enslaved and imprisoned on a space ship. She brought all the prisoners together and they took over the ship and became pirates themselves with Wonder Woman as the Captain/Pirate Queen. Look familiar? They are from Wonder Woman #69, December 1992. Pencils are by Paris Cullins. Inks are by Robert Campanella and Color by Matt Hollingsworth.

Ok, I have one more.

This is a little more "piratey" to me. It's from Wonder Woman #71 February 1993. The pencils are done by Paris Cullins. The inks are done by Romeo Tanghal and the color is done by Matt Hollingsworth.

No, I don't care for the new look. I like it that she can be feminine and strong and smart and can kick ass. This new look is not so feminine. As I read the actual story by Straczynski after the lovely tributes to Wonder Woman, I realized that it's about an alternate time line. She walks through a portal and things are different. I'll wait and see where this goes just as long as they don't forget that she still a Greek Amazon warrior.