Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rest in Peace Bettie Page

To the woman who taught us that you could be smart, beautiful and carry a whip.

Thank You

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I just couldn't resist

Wonder Woman is on the case.

I had two options for costumes for Halloween. My mom made it so I tried it on so I could giggle. I didn't really intend to go trick or treating in it. As soon as i got it on her she started dancing around. I doubt I could have gotten it off if I wanted.

Hooray for my baby

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been awhile...

Life tends to really get caught up with a toddler. Amalie kudos to you for doing it with 2. You're my hero. Even before Wonder Woman. :)

Here's the update... Emma is up and walking and cracking me up. She saw a kitty cat for the first time and all she could do is stand there and laugh for the first 10 minutes and then the doggies came in and it was chaos. She loved it though.

Emma is getting really good at entertaining herself which has allowed me to learn to knit. I'm making my first pre requisite scarf. There are a few stitch issues but not so bad. Admittedly I ripped it out about 20 times but I'm getting there. I hope I get good at it. I saw a couple of cute dress patterns I want to make for Em.

I don't get much time on the computer these days as Em insists on being in my lap and doing my typing for me. She's getting good at using the mouse though.

It's nearly 1am... I just got out of work half an hour ago. Wednesdays Suck! I have a store manager who has no clue as to what I do and how much I do. I have no down time to have a cigarette---Ok... I don't smoke anymore. I really wish I did though so that I could have an excuse to get out of the damn store every once in awhile and see some sunshine. Ok... when I get stressed I have those nicotine cravings. This new job is pretty stressful. I compare it to what an alcoholic said to me once... "Every day I have to make a conscious choice not to drink." Every day I have to make a conscious choice not to go up to one of the myriad of smokers I work with and bum a smoke. I'm just glad that I know I'll hake a lung out if I do it. So I don't

I'll just drink. :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

They Might Be Giants

Here come the 123's. Is the new greatest album in our home. It's a children's album that any adult will love. Especially if you listened to Flood to any degree about 15 years ago. It's a folow up to "Here come the ABC's" The songs are infectious worms that you have a hard time getting out of your head. On "ABC's" it's "D is for Drum" and on "123" It's "Seven" Or you can go to itunes and download the weekly video podcast which are videos to go with the songs. Have I mentioned that Emma just loves it. When I got home from work one night Jack and Emma were sitting watching them. When one ended she would whine until Jack started the next one. They were at it for an hour. Finally, children's music adults can love.

Paula, you have to check this out. It's soooo coool

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tired and moving again

It's been a crazy month. We went to do our taxes and it turns out the lady was also a realtor. She offered up her card and services. Jack and I looked at each other and silently said what the hell. We told her what we were looking for and she immediately emailed us some listings. Three weeks and 6 houses later I found what I wanted. And now we're waiting for the title search and are scheduled to close March 25th.

A whole lot of painting needs to be done. The entire inside needs to be done. They painted. They got the oops paint and cut it with water to make it last as long as possible.

But... shit... I'm going to be a homeowner!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Across the Universe

In this time of writers striking Netflix has become important in our household.

On the menu tonight was "Across the Universe," Julie Taymor's latest.

In a nutshell it was moments of cinematic and artistic brilliance interspersed with the most boring and irrelevant storyline I've ever seen. At some point in the movie it turned into "Hair." When she allowed the entire song to play out there visuals were trippy and interesting and freaking brilliant. Eddie Izzard and For The Benefit of Mister Kite was so much fun. I wished it was more like that. Ok, that would make it one giant long music video.... and it's been kinda done before but there is a new generation of kids that something like this could make the music relevant for them. And that is the biggest thing that really bothered me.(ok, that and Bono's need for a better dialect coach.) How was this movie relevant in this day and age. Yes, we're in a bad war that in many ways is not unlike the war in Vietnam. There was nothing visually or narratively to tie the two together. It's a baby boomer movie. It's a movie for anyone who lived through the 60's. It's a nostalgic movie. How limiting.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Man... I don't know how I feel about this...

Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Old Man

Why You Love Him: He knows best

Monday, January 21, 2008


I come home from work on Friday and my husband, who is feeding Emma a bottle, looks at me and says, "I know I've said some strange things to you... but this one is true. Your daughter crawled under the couch and pooped." To qualify we have a futon couch. So, it is possible. I just looked dumb founded. He looked at me and said it again with emphasis. All I could do is look at my daughter and laugh. She's been trying really hard to crawl lately. We let her play on l/r floor and she gets around. She hadn't really crawled until then. Jack said that when she got under there he heard a big fart and then could smell it...... He had to get on the floor and drag her out from under the couch to clean her up.

It still makes me giggle.

Last night we were playing on the floor. I got up to get a drink. I turned my head 10 seconds. Maybe. When I turn back she's crawling. Backwards and headed under the couch. I looked at her and said."Do you need some privacy to poop now?"

She didn't poop but she bumped the back of her head on the metal bar a couple of times. I stepped in to avoid the inevitable screams when she gave herself a good whack.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sweater complete

I can't believe it's done. Finally! My first piece of clothing constructed using nothing but yarn. I'll be damned but it fits. Once she can stand if it still fits I'll take a pic to see the whole thing.

It's just a bunch of panels sewn together with an edging on it.

Woohoo! Now for the hat...