Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Madonna... Hmm...

So, I'm watching Madonna on broadcast tv. Go fig. FCC doesn't allow Janet's booby or Howard Stern's humor. But Madonna randomly humping handrails and the floor is ok. Oh sure it's good enough for Prime Time Thanksgiving Eve.

As always there is throbbing and writhing flesh all over the stage. I don't get the equestrian thing. But it's kinda cool looking

Whoa... Now we're into the disco set. Let's mix in some Dance Inferno with Muzik. I really don't get the disco thing. Wasn't Madonna the one who declared disco dead? Heck, didn't she put the final nail in the coffin?

Now she's in this out fit that looks like the one Olivia Newton John wore in the "Let's Get Physical" video. Yep, and she's singing Erotic, the disco mix. La Isla Bonita the disco mix is not much better. That is one on my favorites.

I liked the majority of the show. No, really, I did. I just find that final disco set uninteresting and kinda boring. Never thought I'd say that about Madonna.