Friday, June 12, 2009

Pick of the Week-- Last Week

The last two weeks I've only had 3 books to choose from. It's pretty lean and not much to choose from. Last week there were two that I really liked but they didn't make me scream OMG!

Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse #2

The book was really quite good and I like Ron Lim's art. It's just that I know these early stories of Laurell K. Hamilton's books like the back of my hand. I can almost say the dialog before I see the word balloon. It's just really nice to see what has been in my imagination all these years. There is a weird juxtaposition in my head though. I'm also currently reading the latest novel which will probably never make it to comic due to the adult parts that are pretty integral to the story in this and previous books. In the comics, she's new to this world of vampires and trying to avoid Jean-Claud. In the book, she loves him dearly and she's his human servant.

Batman and Robin #1

Dick Grayson takes on the mantle of Batman with Damien (the son of Bruce Wayne and R'as al Guhl's daughter) as Robin. Dick is still a little unsure of his choice but he knows it's the right one. Damien is arrogant and has a rather self-important image of himself. Dick has no problem putting him in his place. One time he even offers to give Tim Drake his old job back. ;) I honestly wish it could have been Tim Drake. He's a little shit and I don't like him. I haven't since his introduction. It seems to me that Jason Todd was a shit as well and they killed him off.

The next big change to the universe is the new Bat Mobile. It flies!! It's a Bat Mobile for the 21st Century! My dh is not so fond of the idea. I think it's cool. Even Dick says that he wished for one when he was Robin. The thing that's keeping it from being uber-cool is that it kinda looks like the Hall of Doom from the Superfriends cartoon when it's in flight mode.

Frank Quietly is the artist on this book and usually I'm a fan of his artwork. It's a clean lined style but doesn't look like an animation style. In this book his pencil work is not so clean. It's more of a sketchy style even in the ink. I'm not a great fan of that style.

And so those are my two choices for last week. I'm still in the middle of my 3 books this week.

More later