Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonder Woman the Animated Movie

To say I had high expectations for this is something of an understatement. I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a little girl standing at the grocery store magazine rack waiting for my grandmother to finish shopping. It was the 70's and militant feminism was rampant. Betty Friedan and NOW didn't mean anything to a little girl. What did? Wonder Woman and the little fire truck my mom and her friend gave me to play with. (Which my daughter now plays with.) Now here was a hero for a little girl. She's smart. She's Beautiful and she can kick ass. What better role model for a little girl finally in a time when women were really asserting their strength in society.

I put the dvd into the player about ready to jump out of my skin. I haven't seen her in motion in 25+ years. The exception being in my imagination as I read the comics. I had my snacks ready and my husband was warned not to interrupt. My daughter? Well, that's a story for another day.

The opening sequence is a great battle. With all the violence and gore that I'd expect in a live action flick. It is a great battle between Hippolyta (WW's Mother) and Ares. This is not a film for children. I am more reminded of Xena, the Warrior Princess. Hippolyta wins her battle and is rewarded with a child. Formed from clay, Diana is born.

Despite being set in modern day the story stays true to the origin. Steve Trevor, pilot, lands on the island. The Amazons have a contest to determine who will represent Themiscyra to "Man's World." Diana wins and well, the rest is history.

The thing that truly interests me about this film is that she is not wholly perfect. I loved the live action show when a child. But as I watch it as an adult it's a little too sterile and perfect. In this film she shows at times her mild innocence of the interaction of men and women. My favorite is when Steve introduces her to Etta Candy. Etta is all about Steve flirting shamelessly. She asks Steve to move her desk to get her favorite pen. Diana just looks her and asks what's wrong with her. Etta is demurely surprised and sees a rival. Diana just lifts the entire desk off the floor picks up the pen for her annoyed that she would use her looks instead of her brains and muscle.

The truly fun thing about this film is the rockem sockem action. It is an adventure pic. It's about Wonder Woman trying to save the world from the God of War. It would keep any die hard Xena fan's attention. This film probably should have been made a decade ago. And now I'll change the subject before I get myself all worked up.

In all I enjoyed the film. I'm excited to see my hero out in the world for other girls to see. Maybe not little girls but teens could get into it as well. I just hope Warner/DC sees the audience out there and gives us a roll model for all woman.