Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sleeping In....

Emma finally fell asleep at 9 last night. I went to bed about half an hour later than she did. I usually wake half an hour before she wakes. This morning I open my eyes look at the clock and it says 7:30. I freak out because I've usually heard Emma squirming around by now. And usually by 7:30 she's starving. I run into her room and she's still asleep. ooookaaaayyy..... I go downstairs expecting her to wake any mintue. Breakfast is ready and waiting. Heck as I write this it's nearly 8 and not a peep. I'm on my second cup of coffee. All I have to say is

Woohooooo!!!!! I got to sleep in!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Soo... behind

I've been sick since Thanksgiving. Jack's been sick since the week before. Emma's nose started running on Thanksgiving and hasn't stopped. But she's as smiley as ever. In the last two weeks I've had just enough energy to read a total of 3 comics. The pile contains about 13 more to go and that doesn't count tomorrow's books. I'm hoping to catch up on Wednesday. I'm taking Emma to daycare and have a lazy morning. I think I'll lay in bed with some coffee, toast and my pile of comics. Now that is a little slice of heaven.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Creation

Now that I'm done with sending all my creative energies to Emma, I find that I need to start making stuff. Quilting requires too much stuff. Especially when I only have time to rest after she falls asleep for the night. Inspired by my friend Gothknits I bought a crochet pattern for a sweater for Emma and some yarn. It's a dark grey and black that I got at the hubby's store. I can only take so much pink.
I even told him that he could get me one of the beginner knitting kits for the holidays.

Here we go...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Companies call it the day they are in the black for the year. People who work on the sales floor call it a black day for oh so different reasons. This is the first day of the year when for a month normally nice people become just plain evil. I swear the xmas shopping season brings out the worst in people. It's the season that's all about me... Me... ME! And what are you going to do for me now that you don't have what I want.

I usually have to work this day but this year I have a reprieve... No daycare!!! I get to stay home with a sick baby who still manages to bee smiley. Especially when she sees her buddies Steve and Blue on tv.

I have decided to avoid all the evilness and cheap crap store put out for today and I'm at home shopping online for the stuff I know I want. I still get the discounts and avoid the aggravation.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

At The Comic Shop

This is me and my baby at the Comic Shop. She goes with one of us nearly every week. The owner Mike was talking about some kind of special lifetime discount.

A couple of weeks ago there was a man with his little girl who looked 4 or 5. She followed him around the tiny store. As he looked at back issues for a few minutes. Then they hit the wall of previous weeks issues. He let her pick one out on her own. She held it to her chest as they walked to pay. It was very sweet. I could see my own little girl.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Wednesday is comic book day. I tend to have that day off. Ocassionally Jack gets it off too. Emma almost always gets to go with us. She's been going all of her life save one week. And that was the day she was born. Yep, my baby was born on comic book day. It may seem weird. I made my husband leave the hospital early so he could get the books for the week. I needed some reading material. We also started the indoctrination early on this one.

As we walk in the shop Mike the owner always greets "The White Queen." In a way she's named for Emma Frost. I will admit the character was inspiration for the name. We were look for something in a comic theme. I just really like the name. The family ritual continues. I know Jack will have a conniption if she really dresses like Emma Frost.

I'd post photos of us in the store but they need some adjustment. I'll post those later

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sonnet a Da

So, I've subscribed to a site that sends a sonnet a day.

It's really nice. I read them in college for class. I remember reading them but I never realized just how many of them are about death. More specifically "my love will endureth beyond death... will yours????"


But be contented: when that fell arrest
Without all bail shall carry me away,
My life hath in this line some interest,
Which for memorial still with thee shall stay.
When thou reviewest this, thou dost review
The very part was consecrate to thee:
The earth can have but earth, which is his due;
My spirit is thine, the better part of me:
So then thou hast but lost the dregs of life,
The prey of worms, my body being dead,
The coward conquest of a wretch's knife,
Too base of thee to be remembered.
The worth of that is that which it contains,
And that is this, and this with thee remains.

They are also somewhat gross.

It's a nice service. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Finally able to breathe a bit

And spend some time reading my comics. Sad to say I am perpetually behing on my comic reading. I really only get about 5 minutes before I go to sleep to read anymore. Amazons are taking over the country and I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm making a concerted effort to spend 10 minutes a month reading Wonder Woman to Emma. I have to somehow counteract the Spiderman influence. See pic...It was daddy's day with Emma. He picked out the clothes after I went to work. It's bad enough she's sharing the Spiderman room with her brother. I would like my daughter to have a positive female roll model. I just wish Marvel had better female heroes that gets decent play. There aren't many Kitty Pryde action figures out there. She's the only one out there that hasn't been a bad guy at some point... As far as I can tell.... I need to start on the Batman Quilt and sketch out the Wonder Woman quilt.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Greatest CD in the World

So Jack and I were wandering in Hot Topic... looking at baby clothes:) and I just happened to see this cd called Rockabye Baby. I look at the back and what do I see...

Lullaby renditions of :

Heart Shaped Box
Under the Bridge
Nothing Else Matters
I Was Made for Loving You
No More Tears
Buffalo Soldier
I Wanna Live

I became a very excited Mommy.

I checked out the website and they have a whole cd of The Cure turned into Lullabys. That would be my next purchase. It is just so whacked I love it. Jack and I play it when we have Emma in the car. I have to admit that when I drop her off in the morning I don't automatically turn it off. It is just too cool

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Little R2 Unit

It's been about a month since I posted. It's been a long exhausting month of not sleeping very much. We've passed a hump. Emma is starting to sleep through the night. And we are consistently getting her to sleep in the 10pm hour.

We do have moments though...

Here's the latest. I have to say that I do love Hot Topic now catering to the old punks with kids.

This is Emma with her skull bunny D (... for dead bunny. So named b y her brother Logan)

Jack put a bow on her head so that she looks like a girl

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Drinking.... Mee??

Well, not lately but this is a good questionaire

1. Have you ever been drunk?
Once or twice....LOL!

2. How old were you the first time you got drunk?
I think I was 12 or 13 on one can of beer at a family party. I was highly supervised. My gramps also used to sneak me sips of his beer. :)

3. Have you ever gotten/given digits while intoxicated?

4. Have you ever 'drunk dialed'?
I don't think so.... maybe once or twice to my pre-husband Jack while on travelling gig

5. Have you ever been drunk in front of family members?
See #2

6. Have you ever had to cover up the fact that you were drunk?
just the level so that I could get more.

7. Have you ever been arrested for any alcohol-related crime?

8. Have you ever hooked-up with someone while drunk?

9. Ever forgot their name?
At the time I didn't but da** me if I can remember his name now.

10. When was the last time you were drunk?
I think when we were on the road moving to Tulsa.

11. Have you ever been on a drunken binge?
Two days. That's when I learned to cook while drunk. Needed food to keep me up and running and drinking.

12. Do you need alcohol to have a good time?
Nope! Just need to let go of dignity just a little

13. What kind of alcohol gets you the most intoxicated?

14. Favorite liquor?
Scotch whiskey

15. Favorite beer?
Labatt Blue (prefer the stuff straight from Canada)

16. Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and found out that you are STILL drunk?
Oh, yeah. The room was moving all on it's own. I just wished it could move me to the bathroom

17. Have you ever swam drunk?

18. What kind of a drunk are you?

19. Is alcohol like "truth serum" to you?

20. Favorite drinking partner?
My man and my friends. As long as there is good conversation

21. Favorite bar?
The Torch Bar and Grille

22. Have you ever completely blacked out?

23. Have you ever puked from drinking?
More times than I have fingers and toes.

24. Have you ever had the 'crying drunks'?

25. Can you still do physical activity while intoxicated?
depends on what you mean by physical

26. Have you ever gotten into a drunken fight?
Verbal but not physical.

27. Who is the most annoying drunk that you know?
It's been so long I honestly don't know.

28. Who is the most flirtatious drunk?
Mikee, hands down, up, all over......

29. Do you have a drunken nickname?

30. Have you received a 'booty call'?
Yep.... One of the reasons I married him considering he drove an hour and a half to get there.

31. Funniest drunken scene in a movie?
No clue

32. Favorite song about drinking?
Can't remember any at moment

33. Have you ever woke up next to someone you didn't know?

34. Have you ever been hit on by someone way older than you?
Oh yeah. Best(read worst) pick up line..." So, how long have you been out of high school?"

35. What's the worst 'buzz kill'?
A crisis that makes you sober up too fast.....

36. Have you ever dated a bartender or bouncer?

37. Do you ever say to yourself, "Dang, I need a drink"?
On occasion when the day has been stressful

38. Do strangers ever buy you drinks?
On occasion.

39. Have you ever drank too much on a date?
depends on how long I have known date

40. Is there anything that you refuse to drink?

41. Have you ever been drunk on a plane?

42. Have you ever gotten drunk during the day?
Once or twice

43. Have you ever had to run from the cops and leave the beer behind?
Um, no.

44. What's your favorite drinking game?
Drinking game? no really.......

45. Have you ever injured yourself while drunk?

46. What's the most destructive thing that has happened while you were drunk?
No clue

47. Ever been drunk at a concert?

48. Is this survey getting too long?
Oh yeah!

49. Are you ready for the last question?

50. Why do you drink?
Like the social aspect, like the taste of most, it enhances the meal.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I wish I could nap more

I know the old adage that when the baby sleeps so should the new mom. I can only nap so much. We spend the mornings up and playing and feeding(nearly every hour). The last couple of afternoons have been about sleep for Emma. She wakes to feed every couple of hours.

I used to be able to nap. I could close my eyes and actually sleep. Not so much anymore. Now I just close them and rest. It helps but it's not sleep.

And so I take these moments in the afternoon not sleeping to have something of a life, if a drowsy one.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Starting to feel human again

The aches and pains are mostly gone. Still pretty tired from lack of sleep but doing ok. I've turned into McMommy. This was expected but still feels pretty weird. Next step is to find daycare for when I go back to work. So far all I'm finding is crazy expensive. This will not be easy.

My luv's life at work just got a little crazy. His store mgr.'s wife is also in process of having baby. But there are complications and he went on leave a couple of days ago. So now he's running the store for probably the next month. Unfortunately, no raise & no bonus. At least it'll be his chance to prove he can do it and maybe he'll get his next promotion all the sooner. I hope it's worth the stress. At least I'm home for most of it and we don't have to worry who's going to pick up Emma when.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Time to go...

Dr. decided that I need to go in tonight to get started because it could take a long time even with the drugs.

Off to the races....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I read the article and just could not believe it. Spiderman: The Musical. Directed by Julie Taymor. Music and lyrics by Bono and Edge. Admittedly I'm losing respect for Broadways penchant for turning movies into musicals and such. I just don't get it. Come on ... how are we going to understand a word he says with his face covered by the mask? At least in the movie they can loop it.

Where has originality gone on Broadway? Are all the new ideas, thoughts and stories used up? I will admit that Taymor gave us a new theatrical experience with Lion King. The folk tale aspect to the story opens it up. Spiderman has many specific things to him that will make it difficult for suspension of disbelief.

I'm not a great Spiderman fan. That would be my man's job in the family. This just makes me sad for Broadway.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Evilness

What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Supplanting kingdoms, punishing tyrants and levelling the empires of the wicked with the breath of your nostrils
Your throne is fashioned from thorns and human femurs, surrounded by writhing, howling servants, with a footstool of souls on the sizzling shores of the Lake of Fire
You wear Nothing, because you don't have a body, you insubstantial beast, you
Your Godly superpower is Rivers of white-hot magma flowing from your eyes, slowly and mercilessly agonizing those who stand in your way and your fallen playthings. Forever.
This Quiz by pelagicboreas - Taken 705 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Video Day

Today's day off is dedicated to catching up on videos I've been wanting to watch.

First on the list was Korn Unplugged. Man, that was fun. Not only did they bring in the strings and the small orchestra but they had a lot of fun percussion going on. They actually brought out an armonica and a marxophone. I haven't heard one of those used in a very long time. Very fun instruments. The best part was The Cure coming on and playing with them. They all looked surprisingly good. Hopefully a new generation will understand the brilliance that is The Cure.

And then there is Casino Royale. This is a Bond movie in the Sean Connery sense. There was a lot of charisma, a lot of action and not too much gadgetry. Bond had become about the gadgets and snide remarks. This bond has the remarks sure but he is more of a hard ass than we've seen in a long time. The b&w opening is classic british spy cinema. It is just a good action movie. I wish I could have seen it on the big screen.

Friday, April 06, 2007


It's April and snowing. We're dreaming of a white easter. It was 83 just a few days ago.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

300 the movie

Jack and I saw 300 the other night. I'm about 8 months pregnant I didn't think I could sit for a long time... at least with out having to leave and make a potty run. I decided that with this movie I had to take the chance. The previews were so impressive I decided that dvd wouldn't do it justice. Fortunately the movie wasn't very long... or it didn't seem that way.

My gods what a good movie. The story was compelling. The cinematograpy was amazing. The performances amazing. It's an epic movie in the old sense of the word. The like not seen in Hollywood in decades. And then there was the gore. This is a movie about an Alamo-like battle. 300 men against amazing odds. There was a lot of fighting and limbs flying. After the first major bloody battle I happened to see a family walking down the stairs. They had a child with them who looked about 5 or 6. I was more horrified by that than the graphic violence in the movie. Scream alert------- JUST BECAUSE IT'S A COMIC BOOK MOVIE DOESN'T MEAN IT'S FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's rated R for gods sake! I swear if the previews had shown boobies or the promise of boobies there wouldn't be any kids there. I know I saw the same previews these so called parents saw. I never would have thought it appropriate to bring Logan there. He's 10. He's got at least 4 years before he can see this one.

I am so glad I went to see this movie in the theatre. It's worth every penny to see this one.

What is sad is that Spiderman comes out when the baby is due. I'll have to wait for dvd for that one.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crazy tests

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

The Cure Shares Your Taste in Music

See their whole playlist here (iTunes required)

You Are Lavender

You are a sweet person with a very soft personality.
People become easily entranced with you. They seem to glow around you.
You have a quiet energy that can keep you active late into the night.
Even if you aren't the life of the party, you definitely keep the party going.

You Are 76% Misanthropic

Here's the truth: Most people suck. You are just lucky enough to know it.
You're not ready to go live alone in a cave - but you're getting there.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

music in utero

At the baby shower in Flint Amalie was telling me how the boys pretty much listened to "Pretty Hate Machine" in utero. At first I thought, ok, Korn is a good one. They are the current faves. But then I really started thinking that I wanted her to have a great appreciation for music. So, here is the list of music that I've come up with so far that she is going to hear at the beginning of her life.

In no particular order

Korn: Untouchables
Beatles: Revolver
Tool: Lateralus
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
Duran Duran: Rio
Pearl Jam: Ten ( This one is for Jack)

It turns out that there will be a cd player in the birthing room. While I think any of these would work for me, it would probably be better not to freak out the doctor. For that I wil stick with the song stylings of Albadore and Hugh Caley. That will keep me and the doctor from freaking out.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Me lookin preggo

I didn't realize that I looked THAT Pregnant. Holy Cow.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ugh! I want chocolate!

And I can't bloody have any. Gestational diabetes just sucks. 2 months with no chocolate is almost torture. I found out about the temporary diabetes just before my birthday and one day after my mom sent me my yearly fix of Divine Delights. Which is just the best petit fours and chocolate. They have a Valentines package that she sends that has really good cookies. Into the freezer it goes. It gets defrosted the day baby is born.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spiderman Quilt

Here's the Spiderman quilt that all
Cutler children are expected to have. At least according to Jack. Next is the Batman quilt that mommy will use.

I even have an idea for Wonder Woman that I need to sketch out. Not much in the way of Wonder Woman fabric out there to do this style. For the moment I am making the bumpers for the crib. I have this cool fabric from Michael Miller. It's red with black polka dots. It's the perfect ladybug color.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My birthday Card

This is my birthday card from Logan. He drew this in ten minutes. He and his father went on to work on character designs for Logan's comic book.

Logan's Webpage

Click on the pic of Logan as an artist.

Fun stuff

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back home and rested

After flying to Michigan for a week I am back home and have some energy. I never would have guessed flying while preggo would be so exhausting. As it is I'm sleeping nearly 10 hours a night. I haven't been able to do that since my alcohol soaked college days.

On Sunday the 28th my aunt gave me a shower. It was a lot of fun. There were friends and family I hadn't seen in a long time. Especially Amalie. I got to see some great pics of two rather handsome Helms boys. Good luck with those girls who are going to be sitting on your porch in a few years.

We(Emma & Mama) received so many lovely things. The handmade things were very nice. I should also mention that I apparently brought the snow home with me. I wasn't even home a day and we had three inches of snow come down. My apartment wasn't built for this weather. So, the afghan that Zoe S. made for us is going on the shoulders and the Ladybug quilt goes on the lap. Jack is putting the blanket my dad made on his lap.

Amalie gave me this lovely Wonder Woman barbie. I boxed it up carefully and had my mom ship it. I wanted to see Jack's face when he saw it. But he opened it before I got home last night. He wasn't so surprised by the WW so much as he was by the fact that our daughter is probably going to want Barbies. Poor thing grew up in a house of men and doesn't know what to expect.

Now it's time to start getting the crib and all the big baby stuff together. Weird but cool

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's a little late....

Happy New Year!!!!!

Paula, I'm praying for your dad.