Sunday, August 28, 2011


And the living is easy.. and sweaty.  You would think that a summer in the hundred teens I would be hunkered down inside  with the conditioned air in front of the computer clicking away.  Ummm... not so much.  I have a child who loves to play outside. At sundown for many many weeks it was still in the high 90's.  I just couldn't let her out there.  In no time she would be drenched in sweat and a late night bath is not as relaxing for my child.

In our effort to keep her entertained we've strived to more fully induct her into the geek lifestyle. First off, comic book day.  Both the dear hubby and I work to get her into the habit  of going to this little store front at 31st and Mingo to get our weekly fix of story time.  Believe it or not but she has her own pull list. Ok, it's the family list but she has her own subscriptions.  Sponge Bob and Tiny Titans come every month and then on those weeks they don't come we let her pick off the spinner rack that he puts the kids titles.  Scooby Doo, Batman Brave and Bold, and Scooby Doo are the popular picks here. We haven't added them to the list,yet.  While I would truly love it if they came out with some sort of all ages book centered around female characters, I know it will be a cold day in hell before that happened.

Can I help it if the major comic companies only see their markets as male 18 to 34?  Not really.  I send my letters stating that there is a major demographic of women in this country who watched Linda Carter's Wonder Woman and were inspired.  And maybe they want their daughter to be strong, smart and beautiful?

Before I get off my soap box I would like to say... Shame on the Big 2!!! You know who you are.  A parent watches Wonder Woman as a child and Xena in college and you don't think there is a female market?  Shame on you and your marketing department.

I will now descend my soap box and read... Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies. (Don't even get me started on the events.)  It was on top of the pile.