Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kids and Wonder Woman

When I was a little girl, my mom succumbed to my love of Wonder Woman and made me a kick ass costume for Halloween(my fave holiday). Sadly, no pics exist.

I was chatting with the hubby tonight as we watch a Superman documentary on A&E and I mentioned to Jack that if we had a girl I would make a great WW costume for her. We're trying to have kids and he's a bit afraid of having a little girl. He was just so cute. We have pictures of his his son Logan dressed and Superman and Batman. It's just so cute. It was those pics that have inspired me to get into scrapbooking. It sounds cheesy but I don't care. The kid is just too cute. Heck. He was named for Wolverine and the first time I met him... he said his nam was "Wolverine Cyclops Cutler." I don't know when I've seen a more proud papa.

Ok, I need to go the documentary is calling my name.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Great Comic Day

Great Caesar's Ghost!

What a day. Not only is it my favorite day of the week. I get my new issue of "52" and "New Avengers." It's "Superman Returns" day!

Jack and I went to a matinee showing. I was very excited. All in all I liked the movie and found it entertaining, but I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. For full disclosure I have to admit that I am a theatre geek with a B.A. I studied for 5 years, mostly for design. I did have to take acting and history classes too. I can be a bit picky when it comes to performances.

I thought Brandon Routh did a really good job. There were some creepy moments when he really sounded like Christopher Reeve. I think the costume looked much better on film and in motion than it does in the stills. I have to admit... I'd like to see him in the costume without his package digitally removed.

Lois Lane. She wasn't very good. She didn't have much stage presence. It was a mediocre performance. I really didn't understand why she had a kid. It seemed really unnecessary.

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was good as always. Although there were a couple of moments where he seemed more like The Joker.

The Script was ok. There seemed to be some plot holes. And the only real "plot" was Lex's plan once again for flooding the country. Singer for the most part was very clever in direction. I just didn't come out of it excited like I did for "Xmen 2." It was not just a good comic book movie. It was a good, entertaining movie.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Comic History-The later Years

Three years ago I met my husband. It was one of those things that just turned out right. When we were in that get-to-know-you phase we started talking about comics. I told him about my fascination with Wonder Woman. He told me nearly the entire history of the Marvel Universe. I listened. I absorbed some of it. What I didn't know was that this was the beginning of our own personal Marvel/DC rivalry.

The first year we were together I travelled quite a bit and I began picking up Wonder Woman at the bookstores. I started getting into it again. Next was JLA. In the store I would pick up X-men or Amazing Spiderman. I just couldn't get into it. It wasn't until I moved in and Jack handed me "Powers." Oh, dear god! What amazing writing. Brian Michael Bendis rocks! I like reading in general and I had not read such engaging stories in a long time.

Slowly I turned. How do you get a DC Girl to read Marvel? Put amazing writers on a book. Joss Whedon and Astonishing X-Men. Brian Michael Bendis and just about anything he writes. Although I still can't get into Ultimate Spiderman. I am also now a big fan of Geoff John. I think "Green Latern Rebirth" is amazing.

Here I am now with my husband. Comic book day is a family outing. He has to wait for me to go and look. I have now read nearly all my books and already I can't wait for next Wednesday


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Comic History- The Early Years

During summers when I was a little girl I went to my grandmothers every day. Thursdays were grocery days. The only way I wouldn't have to walk through every blessed aisle and look at every canned good on sale was to go to the magazine rack and their impressive collection of comics.

Everything you could imagine was there. Just remember it was late 70's early 80's. Every week I looked at Batman, Justice League, Wonderwoman... Oh and the occasional Richie Rich and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch but lets not go there. About every other week or so Gram would buy me one. My next opportunity would be Mom. I scoped them out with my Gram and picked the ones I really, really wanted with the Moms. More often than not she would refuse me my 50 cents on the logic that comics were for boys. She was more than willing to buy me Barbie clothes with I also played with. Comic books? Not so much.

When Wonderwoman was brought to the small screen my mother relented for that one character. Being a feminist she saw the value of Wonder Woman. Strong, intelligent and beautiul. She decided this was an ok role model for me. She even made me a kick-butt WW Halloween costume one year. Sadly, no pics exist.

One of the big bummers of my life was a flood in the basement where I kept my comics. All of my few precious comics had to be thrown out. This was long before most people thought to bag and board. We didn't have the money to try and replace them and frankly I was so bummed just to look at books made me sad.

This is not a sad ending. I jut didn't want this to be a mile long blog. Tomorrow I finish the story.