Saturday, October 13, 2007


Wednesday is comic book day. I tend to have that day off. Ocassionally Jack gets it off too. Emma almost always gets to go with us. She's been going all of her life save one week. And that was the day she was born. Yep, my baby was born on comic book day. It may seem weird. I made my husband leave the hospital early so he could get the books for the week. I needed some reading material. We also started the indoctrination early on this one.

As we walk in the shop Mike the owner always greets "The White Queen." In a way she's named for Emma Frost. I will admit the character was inspiration for the name. We were look for something in a comic theme. I just really like the name. The family ritual continues. I know Jack will have a conniption if she really dresses like Emma Frost.

I'd post photos of us in the store but they need some adjustment. I'll post those later

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