Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Creation

Now that I'm done with sending all my creative energies to Emma, I find that I need to start making stuff. Quilting requires too much stuff. Especially when I only have time to rest after she falls asleep for the night. Inspired by my friend Gothknits I bought a crochet pattern for a sweater for Emma and some yarn. It's a dark grey and black that I got at the hubby's store. I can only take so much pink.
I even told him that he could get me one of the beginner knitting kits for the holidays.

Here we go...


Gothknits said...

woo hoo! I am your muse. :)

Rach said...


I'm finding small zen moments when I work on this in the evenings. I usually only get 20 minutes or so. It's starting to relax me. Thank the gods