Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been awhile...

Life tends to really get caught up with a toddler. Amalie kudos to you for doing it with 2. You're my hero. Even before Wonder Woman. :)

Here's the update... Emma is up and walking and cracking me up. She saw a kitty cat for the first time and all she could do is stand there and laugh for the first 10 minutes and then the doggies came in and it was chaos. She loved it though.

Emma is getting really good at entertaining herself which has allowed me to learn to knit. I'm making my first pre requisite scarf. There are a few stitch issues but not so bad. Admittedly I ripped it out about 20 times but I'm getting there. I hope I get good at it. I saw a couple of cute dress patterns I want to make for Em.

I don't get much time on the computer these days as Em insists on being in my lap and doing my typing for me. She's getting good at using the mouse though.

It's nearly 1am... I just got out of work half an hour ago. Wednesdays Suck! I have a store manager who has no clue as to what I do and how much I do. I have no down time to have a cigarette---Ok... I don't smoke anymore. I really wish I did though so that I could have an excuse to get out of the damn store every once in awhile and see some sunshine. Ok... when I get stressed I have those nicotine cravings. This new job is pretty stressful. I compare it to what an alcoholic said to me once... "Every day I have to make a conscious choice not to drink." Every day I have to make a conscious choice not to go up to one of the myriad of smokers I work with and bum a smoke. I'm just glad that I know I'll hake a lung out if I do it. So I don't

I'll just drink. :)

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Batmensch said...

Just to state the obvious, watch out mixing wine and knitting! I can't tell you how many times the wife knits and then drinks a couple of glasses of wine and then the starting over begins!

Also obviously, you don't have to smoke to take a break every once in a while ...