Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Would Like to Thank The Gap

I would like to thank the Gap for understanding, if only for a brief moment, that little girls have/need heroes too.

With only a brief look at my flicker feed one can see that this is not a fluke.  Just this evening we were browsing Netflix looking for something to watch while I made dinner we came across the Astonishing Xmen motion comic. "Mommy, mommy I need to watch Xmen."  This did not come as a surprise as she has watched "Wolverine and the Xmen" non stop for a month and a half.  It is at the point where our family has been assigned characters in the Xmen.



Logan = Iceman

And of Course...

Emma = Emma Frost aka The White Queen


Batmensch said...

Too darling! Of course, I love the White Queen as well; probably not for the same reasons.

Rach said...

The owner of our comic shop always calls her that when we take her. She goes nearly every Wednesday. She's starting to figure it out.