Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions for 2012:The Year of the Geek

2011 seemed to be a slug year for me.  To start 2012 the right way and to feel like I'm accomplishing something I have some resolutions to make and embrace my geekitude.

#1  Get Caught Up

I'm a little behind on some titles.  Some like Wonder Woman, Justice League and Flash will never be behind.  But there are others, mostly Marvel titles, that have piled up a bit. There's some Mighty Thor in there.  Moon Knight which I find interesting is in there.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which is incredibly well written is in there.  Fables...

#2  Read This...

My dear husband handed this to me a  year and a half ago and I love it.  This is the full collection and it's might thick.  I'm not even a third into it.  Also, my husbands fault.  In the last year he kept handing me trades he wanted me to read because they were some of his faves.   Which was on top of my own personal book reading list.

#3 Make This Costume
I need to figure out how to make this costume for my daughters Barbie so she will stop asking to take this and the vintage one out of the box. 
Not Gonna Happen.

Sure she doesn't have the right hair color. Diana lost her mantle to a blond at one point. I need to dig that one  out and see what it looked like. I may need to prove that it's real.  See #5

#4 Embiggen and Improve

This is my Wonder Woman Shelf.  Good stuff that is reasonably priced is very hard to come by.  Although it's getting better. Thank you Lego and Fisher Price.  I think I want to expand a bit to include Black Canary.  She is also a smart, beautiful woman who can kick butt.  By the way Lego, why does Wonder Woman need to be saved from Lex by Superman in your set?  She is actually strong enough to rip the arms off that robot.  I'm just saying...

#5 Organize These

We have approximately 42 short boxes of comics. Nearly half are organized by date of reading. There are some arcs that I would like to go back and read.  We go through about 4 to 5 boxes a year (I think).  That's a lot of boxes to go through to find a six or 12 part arc. 

And For a Non-Comic Geek Thang

Take a math class.  I had some pretty traumatic experiences in high school when it came to math.  I don't like the idea that I never "got it."  Time to rectify that.

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