Monday, December 04, 2006

The Blizzard of '06

I won't say the reason we moved to Tulsa was the weather. There were more important reasons involved in the move. It was a factor. I can't tell you how many times I heard Jack say when we were in Hartford, "We don't have weather like this in Oklahoma." Oh yeah? For the first time in recorded history there was a blizzard warning in Tulsa. In one day we got about 12". Jeez... I moved to get away from this crap. Well, you know...

It was interesting to see how southerners deal with the snow. At about 5" people were absolutely petrified of driving home in the snow. There were a few of us from snow country. One woman from Chicago and a man who worked at Depot on Nashua, NH. They were surprised about how much we didn't care. Then there were the few customers who came into the store because they figured it wouldn't be busy and could get all the attention they wanted. Now, the snow didn't really bother me for driving but I still wouldn't be out designing a bathroom in the middle of a blizzard. Don't get it.

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