Tuesday, March 06, 2007

music in utero

At the baby shower in Flint Amalie was telling me how the boys pretty much listened to "Pretty Hate Machine" in utero. At first I thought, ok, Korn is a good one. They are the current faves. But then I really started thinking that I wanted her to have a great appreciation for music. So, here is the list of music that I've come up with so far that she is going to hear at the beginning of her life.

In no particular order

Korn: Untouchables
Beatles: Revolver
Tool: Lateralus
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
Duran Duran: Rio
Pearl Jam: Ten ( This one is for Jack)

It turns out that there will be a cd player in the birthing room. While I think any of these would work for me, it would probably be better not to freak out the doctor. For that I wil stick with the song stylings of Albadore and Hugh Caley. That will keep me and the doctor from freaking out.


Gothknits said...

Screw the doctor. Play what you want. Good list by the way. I use to meditate to NIN, so who's to say what is appropriate.

Rach said...

They both are good friends of mine who do some cool, sometimes trippy, ambient rock type music. I used to meditate to their stuff as well as the NIN. My mom will probably be there as well and possibly freaking me out. I think I need the calmness.

Gothknits said...

Try this...


Rach said...

Nice stuff!!!