Thursday, July 20, 2006

Batwoman is Back!

52 Week #11 heralds the return of Batwoman. Interesting twist. One of my favorite books when I was a kid was a Batman book that centered around Batgirl, Robin, and an apparently sick Batwoman. It seemed that she just kept fizzling out so that nothing was left but her costume. We didn't have much money then and Mom just didn't understand. I couldn't get the book after to find out what happened. I think Batwoman is a cool idea. She brings a small, ok miniscule, amount of mystery to the Batman ethos. There used to be some sort of mystery surrounding Batman in all of his titles not just Detective Comics. I need to start reading that again.

52 is getting better. This week there was only 2 storylines. The books are just not so good when they try to get in every story line into one book. It's far too fragmented and leaves me wanting for more story.

Now that I have my DC books finished it's time to get to the Civil War titles. Jack is slowly getting me to turn. Not really. :)

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