Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Green Lantern

Cyborg Superman is back. Bwahahahahah.

With the move coming up it's taking me longer to get through my comics for the week. Last night I finally got to read my Green Lantern. Bringing Hal Jordan back is what got me back to reading this title. I have yet to be disappointed by both the writing and the art. Geoff Johns keeps me wanting more and more. I love how he just goes out and does what's right not what he's been told to do. And Guy is more that willing to go along. But oh boy is that going to get him in trouble. Brian M. Bendis has mastered the fine art of the comic book cliffhanger. John's is really close on this one. The last image I see is Guy ensconsed in a Manhunter... powering it. Damn.....
What happens next? Aaarrrghhh! Another month!

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